Mosquito Joe’s Partnership with The EPA

Mosquito Joe’s Partnership with The EPA

At Mosquito Joe of Mason, we’re committed to making the outdoors fun again using the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly treatments available. As part of our commitment to our customers and the environment, we recently joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). Through this partnership, our customers can enjoy the outdoors without the worry of mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. We are taking every precaution to help protect our environment when using and disposing of our products.

About the Program

United States Environmental Protection Agencry
Since its establishment in 1994 by the Office of Pesticide Programs Environmental Stewardship Branch (ESB), PESP works to advocate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that promote pest control practices that reduce the health and environmental risks from pesticides in communities across the country.
The program features a number of initiatives promoting healthy, sustainable, pest-free living including reducing pesticide exposure in schools and landscaping practices, as well as effective ways for reducing the spread of tick-borne diseases. Each strategy combines common-sense practices with comprehensive, up-to-date information on various pests allowing pest control companies to “manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.”

What It Means for You

What our partnership with the EPA means for you

At Mosquito Joe of Mason, it’s our mission to provide our customers with effective, high quality, low risk pest management services, and our partnership with the EPA and PESP demonstrates our commitment to providing quality care to our customers. As part of a select number of pest control companies and organizations with membership in the program, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most complete and up-to-date pest control practices available, which now includes education on the impact and importance of Integrated Pest Management practices.

Benefits of an Integrated Pest Management Approach

Rather than centering around a single control method, IPM programs are a series of structured evaluations, decisions and controls designed to help identify the best ways to prevent pest infestations. IPMs start with set action thresholds, identifying when action should be taken followed by monitoring and identification of pests in order to determine what preventative and control measures need to be taken to eliminate the pests. Through careful evaluation of control methods, the most effective and least risky methods can be used helping clients save money and enjoy long-lasting protection against pests.
At Mosquito Joe of Mason, we believe in making outside fun again, and that starts by making it itch free. We’re proud to be part of a program that’s committed to educating the public on the benefits of sustainable, environmentally conscious pest control practices. You can learn more about PESP by visiting the EPA website, and for a pest-free yard, contact us today. For more tips and our latest updates, check us out on Facebook or Instagram!