Summer Activities!

Summer Activities!

Local Outdoor Events for the Entire Family

Cincinnati is a beautiful place to be in the summertime. While offering a plethora of fun activities, Cincinnati also provides the opportunity to get in touch with nature and spend time outdoors in the sunshine. No need to look further than the big city to appreciate your beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of local events happening to ensure you don’t miss out on the ultimate summer fun.

Summer Festivals

  • The Cincy Brew-Ha-Ha is arguably one of the most noteworthy festivals that Cincinnati hosts. Combining beer and comedy is the recipe for a guaranteed good time, and thousands of people come out for the event. Taking place August 23rd and 24th, make sure you are there!
  • Summer of STEM, hosted by the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative aims to inspire, educate and recruit young ones into STEM fields. Just in time for back to school, introduce your kids to the interesting world of science and research, feed their minds, and let their imagination soar!
  • Riverfest: Cincinnati’s official goodbye to summer. It’s a grand evening brimming with food, live music, laughter and a fireworks extravaganza. Not to mention the best part – the Rubber Duck Regatta! Taking place September 1st.
  • Last but certainly not least: Oktoberfest. Delight your taste buds with bratwurst, schnitzel, and of course, authentic German ales. Put on by the Springboro United Church of Christ on September 6th and 7th, Oktoberfest is easily one of the biggest festivals of the year. Or, in Springboro’s own words, “When it comes to festivals, Oktoberfest reigns supreme!”

Though festivals are definitely attention-grabbers, Cincinnati has smaller, more intimate events as well. If you are searching for a weekend excursion, a cute day trip, or a special date night take a look at some of our favorite Cincinnati events for inspiration.

Local Events

  • The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is a family-friendly fun zone. Interact with and learn about animals in their natural environments and go more into depth about the importance of earth conservation efforts. Play with Fiona the hippo, feed the giraffes and leave feeling uplifted!
  • Located in Eden Park, the Krohn Conservatory features a butterfly garden, almost 4,000 different plant species and a rainforest waterfall. It’s indoors, so feel free to go anytime, rain or shine!
  • The Cincinnati Art Museum, also in Eden Park, has two intriguing exhibitions open right now: Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style and No Spectators, an exhibit dedicated to the music festival, Burning Man. Be sure to stop by and peruse the influence music and other cultures have had on today’s fashion.
  • The Coney Island Amusement Park, though not as large as its New York namesake, displays rollercoasters, rides, and carnival games. Nothing says summer like a fair!
  • The Saint Ignatius of Loyola Festival, also known as “Iggyfest,” will take place August 23-25. Mosquito Joe of Cincinnati-NKY sponsored a booth, as well as we are treating the grounds complimentary before the event. We hope to see you there!

Special Events

For any special events you may be hosting this summer, we are happy to provide our services, specifically our special event treatment. Mosquito Joe can come to your event location in advance to apply a barrier treatment and ensure that your guests aren’t itching and scratching. Dry within 30 minutes and applied well before guests arrive, special event treatments provide protection throughout the entire day. Call us at 513-813-1510 or send us an email at to sign up for service today!